I am a Newby slave who finally had the guts to (not dream it, but be it)! I had assumed I might be overawed by Mistress Kizumi’s beauty but in fact the wonderful self assured Mistress Kizumi put me at ease from the beginning. So as soon as I was standing before her naked it just seemed natural to immediately follow her command of getting on all fours and then finding myself worshiping her boots. It will be like a long held fantasy in your mind become real life.

Mistress Kizumi has an effortless commanding air about her, it felt natural to me to be obeying her and it is one of the biggest buzzes I have had in my life.  

It was the first time I had ever been tied up (strapped up) to something. Although fear and trepidation is part of the buzz at the same time it was tempered by the trust I had in Mistress Kizumi. Mistress Kizumi exudes a sort of calm authority difficult to define but ideal for the Dominatrix slave relationship. 

It is worth taking the plunge if you are unsure. You will find yourself being the slave of a woman who not only has a gorgeous body but is positively beautiful. If you are a slave like me it will leave you wanting more, strongly tempted to return. 

I am a devoted (obedient) slave to Mistress Kizumi,

– Slave Tony P.