Session Information & Etiquette 

Email me to book a session or ask a question. Your email should be polite and answer the following questions:

    • A little about yourself, what you are interested in and your level of experience in the services you desire
    • The date and duration you would like to meet
    • Whether you wish to meet in public or at a dungeon 
    • Any health conditions or allergies 

Booking policies:

    • I require a 50% deposit of the total tribute, paid by cash, PayPal, or bank transfer to confirm any booking. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable. The balance of the fee is due upon arrival of your session, either in cash, PayPal, or bank transfer.
    • If you reschedule with less than 48 hours notice or reschedule a session more than once, your deposit is forfeited.
    • If you paid a deposit and do not schedule your session within 60 days, your initial deposit is forfeited and you will need to pay a new deposit to schedule a session.

When arriving for your session: 

    • You will meet me at the central London dungeon of my choice on time or no more than 5 minutes early. 
    • If you are late, you will still pay the full amount. I cannot extend your time as the dungeon is hired for your time slot only. 
    • Please arrive freshly showered. If we have planned anal play, please be clean and prepared. If you do not know how to prepare yourself, I will send you a guide beforehand. If you arrive and your hygiene does not meet my standards, you may be asked to shower at the dungeon and this will come out of your time.
    • When you arrive, you will pay the remainder of the fee before we begin the session either in cash or via bank transfer.

During your session: 

    • I will only take part in activities in-session that we have clearly discussed beforehand. 
    • Even if we have discussed and agreed upon something, maybe when it comes down to it you realize it’s not for you. That is absolutely okay. We will have a safeword that is available for you to use at any time. 
    • If you use a safe word, I will pause the activity immediately and check in with you. If we resolve the issue and determine you are comfortable, we may resume the scene.
    • If you use a safe word in the same scene 3 or more times, I will completely stop the scene and move on to a different activity, or at my discretion I will move on to aftercare and we can relax and chat until the end of your time.
    • If you need to pause play but do not need to use a safe word, for example you simply need to go to the bathroom, you may request “permission to speak.” 
    • At the end of the session, I will allow time for you to unwind and ease you back to the default world. I plan to send you off with a sly smile! 


My prices start at the below rates, with possible add-ons to accommodate special requests. 

In-Person Sessions

£300+ per hour (minimum booking 1 hour)

Remote Sessions (video call, WhatsApp messages)

£25+ per 15 minutes (minimum booking 15 minutes)

Date / Outing

Take me out to a restaurant, bar, or shopping trip. Show me what a well trained Slave you are.

£200+ per hour, plus all expenses (minimum booking 30 minutes)


£40+ pair of knickers, socks, or hosiery

Other souvenirs will be considered upon request 

How to please Mistress 

I love receiving gifts. It’s a great way to serve your mistress and show appreciation. Please send any gift cards or vouchers to

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