Chastity Programmes

To be locked in chastity is to be denied any form of sexual gratification or pleasure. If you undertake to participate in any of my chastity programmes you will be personally locked by me into a device (commonly referred to as a chastity cage) which will severely restrict your ability to have an erection, to orgasm or pleasure yourself more generally. In short, you will be denied any form of sexual gratification for the duration of your incarceration. 

To participate in any of my programmes you will need to provide your own chastity cage. In order to strike the right balance between safety and security you will be locked into your cage with a plastic, uniquely numbered, lock. In an emergency you will be able to remove the lock, and hence your cage, easily with a pair of scissors; however, given that each lock is unique, should you remove your cage without my permission I will know, and believe me I will be checking on you! 

I take chastity very seriously. In order for us both to get the full benefit of you having your cock locked up by me it is necessary for you to understand that I am in complete control of your sexual autonomy. To this end before you can be locked in chastity you will be required to sign a chastity contract that will ensure you are comfortable with proceeding on the terms I have set for your time in chastity. Once you are locked in chastity you will only be able to remove your cage in an emergency or with my permission. Should I discover that you have removed yourself from your cage, our chastity contact will be terminated immediately with any time left being forfeited. It is a privilege to be locked by me and I expect you to treat it as such.

I offer a number of different programmes. If you are new to chastity under my ‘Initiation’ programme you will be locked away for up to 24 hours. If you are more experienced you might like to try my ‘Devotee’ or ‘Disciple’ programmes and be under my control between a few days to a month. And for the most devoted subs there is the option to take part in my ‘Ultimate’ programme and be locked indefinitely as one of my personal subs. 


Details of my chastity programmes are given below. The descriptions below refer to in-person programmes and include an initial dungeon session in which you will be personally locked by me into your chastity. For subs not able to visit me in person, I also offer remote versions of all my programmes. Under a remote programme you will lock yourself into your chastity under my video supervision. Remote programmes require a smaller financial tribute than in-person programmes, so may also be a good option for subs on a budget. For detailed pricing comparison see the table below.


Never been in chastity before, but always wanted to try it? My initiation programme provides a strict but gentle introduction to the world of chastity. Perfect for newbies wanting to understand their relationship to chastity without committing to an extended period being locked up.


  • 16 – 24 hours in chastity 
  • One-hour dungeon session to meet Mistress Kizumi, go over the chastity programme, receive tasks and put on chastity (additional session hours may be added and will be at a rate of £300 per hour additional)
  • Several check-ins and tasks assigned throughout the subsequent 16-24 hours 
  • Video call with Mistress Kizumi at the end of the chastity period to remove the cage 

Tribute – £400


Perfect for the sub who has experimented with chastity for short periods and would like to ease their way into a more long term arrangement. Under my Devotee programme, depending on your circumstances, you will be locked away for between three and seven days. You will have the option of removing your chastity during sleeping hours.


  • No timekeeping in communication through WhatsApp, email, or phone call.
  • One-hour dungeon session to meet Mistress Kizumi, go over the chastity programme, receive tasks and put on chastity (additional session hours may be added and will be at a rate of £300 per hour additional)
  • Several check-ins and tasks assigned throughout the subsequent days 
  • Video call with Mistress Kizumi at the end of the period to remove chastity 

Tribute – £600 for three days plus £50 for each additional day


Previous experience with chastity is recommended in order to take part in my Disciple programme. Under this programme you will be locked away for up to one month and be expected to keep your chastity on 24/7, even during sleeping hours. You will therefore need a comfortable cage that you can be confident can be worn for extended periods of time.


  • No timekeeping in communication through WhatsApp, email, or phone call.
  • One-hour dungeon session to meet Mistress Kizumi, go over the chastity programme, receive tasks and put on chastity (additional session hours may be added and will be at a rate of £300 per hour additional)
  • Check-ins and tasks assigned over the course of your incarceration
  • Video call with Mistress Kizumi at the end of the period to remove chastity (removal can also be carried out at a session charged at a rate of £300 per hour)

£800 for the first week and £100 for each additional week


Under my Ultimate programme you will be locked 24/7 for at least one month and considered as one of my personal subs. Access to my Ultimate programme is a privilege only granted to my most devoted subs who, through sessions and chastity, have demonstrated their willingness and suitability to serve me.


  • No timekeeping in communication through WhatsApp, email, or phone call.
  • Monthly sessions of at least 2 hours.
  • Monthly meets with Mistress Kizumi over dinner or drinks.
  • Considered a personal sub to Mistress Kizumi, a right that must be earned through previous sessions, chastity training, and a mutually agreed upon contract.

Tribute – £ Price on request

Programme Contract Length In-Person Tribute Remote Tribute
The Initiation Up to 24 hours  £400 £270
The Devotee 3 – 7 days  £600 for three days plus £50 for each additional day £400 for three days plus £50 for each additional day
The Disciple Up to 1 month  £800 for the first week and £100 for each additional week £530 for the first week and £100 for each additional week
The Ultimate Ongoing Price on request Price on request

What is chastity? 

In the context of BDSM, chastity is the control and denial of a submissive’s sexual gratification by a dominant. It typically involves the use of devices such as cock cages that enable the dominant partner to exercise authority over the submissive’s sexual release. Chastity can be practiced from anything from a few hours in a session with a Mistress to many years for couples who engage in a lifestyle dominant/ submissive relationship.

Why are people interested in chastity? 

People can be interested in chastity for a variety of reasons. On one level chastity can lead to a heightened sense of sexual anticipation making an eventual release more intense and satisfying. It can also play into fantasies related to control and denial adding an additional layer of excitement to sexual experiences. On a deeper level it can strengthen the trust and power dynamics between a dominant and submissive, often leading to a more intense relationship with the sexual, emotional and psychological feelings that live at the core of a submissive or dominant’s erotic nature.

Can I just do chastity during a dungeon session only? 

Yes. However, chastity is something best experienced over time, so Mistress Kizumi recommends doing at least the 24 hour programme. 

Do you have a chastity cage I can use during a session? 

Maybe. We have chastity cages at the dungeon, however as each cage is highly personalized there is no guarantee that the ones we have will be the right fit for you. Without the right fit, you may experience unnecessary discomfort or overall simply not have the best experience. For the best experience, it is recommended you buy your personal chastity cage in advance to ensure a good fit.

I’ve heard chastity can be painful during sleep, is this true?

For some, the early stages of chastity can result in painful nighttime erections, particularly if the cage is not a good fit. In Initiation and Devotee programmes I offer the option for you to remove your chastity device to sleep. I will, however, always require evidence that your cage is re-attached every morning. More experienced subs taking part in the Disciple and Ultimate programmes will be expected to keep their chastity on 24/7 and must therefore own cages they can be confident of wearing comfortably for extended periods.

I would like to try long term chastity with you, but I’m concerned about hygiene. 

You will be allowed to remove your cage (typically once a week, although this can vary between subs) for cleaning. We will agree on when cleaning is to take place and you will be required to submit evidence that your cage is securely reattached once cleaning is finished (you will either be supervised or required to submit video evidence). The whole process should take no more than a few minutes.

How do I use the bathroom when I’m locked in chastity?

All chastity cages have a hole through which you can pee. I’m told that it is perfectly possible to pee standing up as normal; however, depending on how brave you are feeling, you may wish to use cubicles when the need to relieve yourself in public occurs!

Do I need to shave or groom for the cage to be fit or be comfortable?

Naturally, body hair plays a role in regulating moisture if you eliminate it entirely you might start to experience chafing and increased sweating! Trimming it neatly is the optimal approach, as it prevents long hairs from getting tangled while still maintaining its crucial role in moisture management.

Where should I buy my first chastity cage? 

Regulation in Soho London is a good place to get fitted for a cage and/or try on some cages available in-store. Go a bit in advance of your session as some of the cages they fit for are only sold online. Call them for more information. 

If shopping online, there are a number of stores you can try. Mainstream adult stores such as stock a good range of options. For a more specialist option try They have an excellent measurement and fitting guide as well as a blog related to all things chastity. When buying online it is harder to be sure of a good fit, so you might like to consider purchasing a cage that comes with a range of spacers and size options to make sure your purchase is not wasted.

What should I look for in a chastity cage? 

When looking for a chastity cage, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Material: Chastity cages can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, silicone, or plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, metal cages are durable and hygienic but heavier and will trigger at airport security, while silicone cages are lightweight and more comfortable but may not be as durable. 
  1. Size and Fit: Proper sizing is crucial for comfort and security. A cage that is too small can cause pain and injury, while one that is too large may not provide the desired level of control or security. Look for adjustable cages or those available in multiple sizes. Measure yourself carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions to find the right fit.
  1. Ventilation and Hygiene: Good ventilation and ease of cleaning are important to maintain hygiene and avoid infections. Look for a cage with enough openings or slots for air circulation and easy cleaning.
  1. Price and Quality: Evaluate the balance between cost and quality. While it might be tempting to go for cheaper options, they might not provide the comfort, security, or durability of a slightly more expensive cage.
  1. Aesthetic: The color or general look of your chastity cage may be something you would like to consider. Do you envisage yourself as a sissy and wish to have a pink cock cage? Or perhaps more of a leather gimp with a dungeon-style metal cage? If you aren’t sure, a simple black cage is a good place to start.

What do I do in an emergency? 

You will always have a way to remove your cage in the event of an emergency (medical or otherwise). However, if you need to remove your cage as a result of poor planning, for example you are about to go through a metal detector whilst wearing a metal and wish to remove it to avoid embarrassment, you will be punished by Mistress Kizumi for your lack of foresight. If you must remove your cage for any reason during your contracted chastity period, you must notify Mistress Kizumi immediately. 

What are some example tasks?

The tasks I assign vary depending on a slave’s limits or interests; however, to give you an idea of what to expect in the past I have commanded my slaves to:

  • Learn the lyrics to and then perform the song WAP by Cardi B whilst dressed in lingerie and a maid outfit
  • Wear a butt plug to work
  • Improve their ability to suck and be fucked by cock  – I expect to see results!
  • Take a picture of a dildo in front of piece of official public signage
  • Lick the entire perimeter of their bedroom floor (a punishment for not completing a previous task)
  • Simulate sucking cock in their work bathroom making sure to include the moment when a hot white load is delivered all over their face
  • Eat a meal of cold baked beans, tinned tuna, crushed banana, rice pudding and whipped cream from the floor without using their hands
  • Write the phrase ‘I am Mistress Kizumi’s pathetic sissy slut’ 500 times

Slaves taking part in my Ultimate programme will have the opportunity to serve me domestically. In the past these lucky slaves have been commanded to:

  • Clean my flat dressed in a full maid outfit under my remote supervision
  • Take my clothes to the dry cleaners
  • Polish and shine my large collection of shoes and boots
  • Carry out manual labour such as gardening or carrying heavy items up to my third floor flat

What is Mistress Kizumi’s approach to chastity? 

Mistress Kizumi believes chastity is an excellent way to keep a subs’s attention on what matters most, serving Her and prioritizing Her pleasure. Ongoing chastity is also a wonderful way to build mutual trust and deep connection with subs over time, creating a meaningful bond that lasts far beyond the typical dungeon session. Mistress Kizumi is happy to initiate newcomers as well as engage with experienced players alike.


I am writing this as one who has been locked in chastity by Mistress Kizumi for the past month and stands to be locked away for at least one more month. I would describe myself as an experienced BDSM player, but before meeting Mistress Kizumi long-term chastity is not something I had ever tried. My chastity journey started when, following a particularly enjoyable session, Mistress Kizumi suggested that I might like to spend the next week locked in chastity. Of course I agreed and found myself leaving her dungeon snugly locked up buzzing with the sense of anticipation of what was to come. Over the course of the next week, as well as checking up on the state of my chastity, Mistress Kizumi had me carry out various devious and humiliating tasks, and when the day came to be released from my chastity I was only allowed to do so on the condition that I ate the cum from my first post chastity orgasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mistress Kizumi has a remarkable ability to know just how and when to push your kinky buttons to make sure you never become complacent and forget the fact that she is in control of your cock. The overwhelmingly positive experience of my first week in chastity left me curious to explore the more distant reaches of the world of chastity. So, when the opportunity arose for me to spend an extended period in chastity I grabbed it with relish. Over the course of the past month I have experienced a whole new level of submission. The longer I am in chastity the more subservient I feel towards the woman who has complete control over sexual independence. Such a change could not have occurred had I just been locked up and left to my own devices. Through tasks, sessions and, most importantly of all, communication Mistress Kizumi has begun to mold me into a sub she can be happy with. I am not there yet, but hope one day to be able to meet Mistress Kizumi’s exacting standards and be able to truly call myself her sub. The tasks given to me by Mistress Kizumi have ranged from mundane to tedious to genuinely arduous; however, I have found myself taking genuine pleasure in serving the amazing woman who holds the key to my chastity. I have developed a genuine desire for Mistress Kizumi to succeed and feel incredibly lucky to be able to play a role in her success, even if it is a small one. Being locked in chastity by Mistress Kizumi has been a truly wonderful transformational experience. I have learned a huge amount about myself and my submissive nature. When the time does finally come to be released, I will not feel relief at having regained my sexual autonomy, but gratitude for the deep trust and connection I’ve built with Mistress Kizumi over the course of my incarceration. Such is the power of the remarkable woman who has guided me through this journey with understanding, respect, and support.

  • Sub Jon 

How to Apply 

Contact Mistress Kizumi at or WhatsApp message +44 07548391204. In your message, outline clearly which chastity programme you are interested in, your availability, and your level of past experience. 

Mistress Kizumi will respond at her convenience and only if your application is of interest to Her.