A day of Frou Frou Delights with Mistress Kizumi of London, a story by Sissy Charlotte
I am Sissy Charlotte, a dainty Prissy Sissy who delights in femininity in a classy setting.
I found Mistress Kizumi on Professional Mistress
I had some contact via e-mail and then text. Now the day had come to serve. I would not be disappointed.
I met Mistress Kizumi, a lady dressed in an upmarket and classy outfit with undertones of 50’s vogue in style at a classy local coffee shop. Truly elegant and really quite charming.
Some things are fundamentally important to me regardless of what I am doing kinky or every day and all these boxes were ticked very quickly.
I like to deal with someone who has charm, elegance, is clean, can hold a good conversation and ultimately one trusts. These might sound simple, but they are not always easy to find.
I bought a coffee for myself and an iced water for Mistress Kizumi who sat outside ready to be served.
I could cheekily call her Lady Kizumi. The word lady is so important.
I fantasise yes about naughty slutty things but most of what turns me on is the feeling of ownership, of toying with me, of using me and gradually over so very gently turning me into her plaything. Metaphorically it’s the feeling of being pushed into the naughty box with her little pinkie.
We walked to her apartment. Something else that ticked lots of boxes as I like the idea of a Mistress living in style with her maids and admirers there to please her whims ….
As I entered…. beautiful old Parisian windows looked out onto gardens…
I felt safe and at ease and equally wanting to make a good impression.
I was let into her bedroom, an honour indeed to change.
I had put together my pretty in pink outfit of corset, frillies, petticoats and bits.
As I returned, the Mistress had kindly offered to do my make-up, something I was thrilled about. My make up bag, wig and all-important box of tissues went on her table. I sat on the chair in front of her like a prim school girl excited to have my beauty time.

All set and feeling very happy, Mistress went to sit on the sofa as I curtsied and twirled for her.
She then had me pour her some wine and I was told to kneel and kiss her marabou trim kitten heels.
Oo la la … mmm
There was a pile of laundry to fold and as I folded her dainties, she sat drinking wine, pointing with her crop and giving the odd critique of my folding skills. I am a bit slow, but Mistress knows something that I do not know about improving this !!
The conversation was about my kinks, and my limits and bit by bit all this information I felt was being stored for later manipulation…!!
Some laughter … A little talk about the arts and people on the scene …..

Beautiful jazzy mellow vibes playing ….
Her laughter as I bent over the sofa to get her phone ….
I was then given the task of emptying her laundry machine which had a black latex sheet in it….mmmm, mmmmm as I took this to the bathroom to dry, she was telling me about what took place.
These insights into her world makes a Sissy feel all a quiver …and super submissive.
Lastly, I had the honour of changing the bed as she teased me about the lovers she had and how they did not know about each other.
I was in awe about this, especially as I had been asked about whether I would be a cuckold…
She seemed to generally approve and as the time was up, I was allowed to kiss her heels again.
I was there about 2 hours ….packed away.
Looked at my photo she had taken earlier on Twitter ….mmmm
It had been a super-hot day so maybe Sissy Charlotte was not quite as demure and dainty as I would like but I loved the experience.
Sissy Charlotte then unfortunately, like an episode of Mr Ben, showing my age there went back in its box until another day.
Frou frou frillies still on I snuck a virgin white tissue in next to my shaved clittie ……I have a tissue fetish, so this is a big thing ……
I kept on my make-up and a little pink lippie gloss and headed out as she was expecting an admirer to arrive.
I headed into the neighborhood and sat having my lunch is sissy heaven, very happy having met a charming lady and looking forward to being oh so much more.
Sissy Charlotte …. You are a naughty gurl ….. keep dreaming darling…..

Thank you, Mistress Kizumi,
I curtsey.