Mistress Kizumi called me for a consultation a week before our first session. We discussed likes, experiences, and some personal details. What a gorgeous voice. I couldn’t stop looking at her WhatsApp profile picture as our session time approached.

On the day, Mistress Kizumi greeted me and made me feel at ease straight away. I must just say that Mistress Kizumi is stunning and matches the photos on her web site in person.

I’d given Mistress Kizumi details of what I liked, but also said she should feel free to introduce anything into the session that she liked, and I hadn’t mentioned. This she did by putting me into rope bondage and securing me in cuffs that had me stretching above my head. She then had free reign to do whatever she pleased.

I won’t go into detail about all of the session, but she had me in various compromising positions throughout. I must say that whatever Mistress Kizumi did to me, at no time did I feel anything but safe. She didn’t shout or scream at all during the session but let me know that she was in control at all times with the tone of her voice.

To end the session, I had the pleasure of having Mistress Kizumi’s gorgeous bottom on my face while she finished me off.

Mistress Kizumi is unique among London mistresses, classy, non-judgemental and very friendly. I will definitely be seeing her again.