It’s hard to believe that a little over two weeks ago the name Mistress Kizumi was completely unknown to me. And yet here I am, a thoroughly devoted slave writing a review for a Mistress who has, in the space of just a few weeks, completely reinvigorated my kinky side, facilitated some of the most exhilarating and gratifying experiences of my life and given me tantalising glimpses into a depth of submission I never thought obtainable.

I have always found the idea of being completely at the mercy of a powerful woman utterly captivating, and for a while now I have been playing with the idea of using the website to place myself completely under the control of a Mistress. places you in a binding contract with a third party such that if you don’t achieve a goal you set for yourself an amount of money is sent from your account to the third party. My idea was to use this website to commit myself to carrying out a number of painful and humiliating tasks before, during and after a session with a Mistress.

I approached Mistress Kizumi after coming across her website. The combination of succinct well written text and captivating images suggested a Mistress with a serious dedication to her craft and not a woman out to make a quick buck by spanking a few asses. Our initial email exchange confirmed my suspicions. Her communications were well written in clear, concise and professional language. The scenario I had in mind was pretty involved, but she took the time to understand it thoroughly. By the time it came to setting up the contract I was confident that I would be placing myself in the hands of a fair, strict and thoroughly professional Mistress. In no time at all I was committed and had just over a week to carry out a number of tasks or risk losing a substantial amount of money.

The day of the session arrived. As I stood outside the door of the dungeon my heart pounded with anticipation. The locks of the door clicked, the latch opened and I was let in. And there she was. Mistress Kizumi was wearing a pair of high-heeled lace-up ankle boots, a knee length leather skirt and a white shirt. Red lipstick set off her exquisitely beautiful face and golden hair flowed over her neck and shoulders. A more stunningly beautiful Mistress you could not hope to meet. She greeted me in a soft yet commanding American accent and asked me to follow her downstairs into the dungeon proper. Nerves turned to relief as I started to realise that by contacting Mistress Kizumi I had made one of the best decisions of my kinky life.

After a few minutes discussing the session and making sure we were on the same page regarding what was about to happen to me, I was ordered to remove my clothes in the bathroom and then return to the dungeon. On returning Mistress Kizumi had removed her skirt and shirt to reveal a pair of hot pants and leather bra. The sight was too much for me, I lost my composure and forgot to greet her in the correct manner. I was instantly corrected and told to get on my knees after which the session began in earnest with Mistress Kizumi setting about verifying that I had carried out all the tasks I had committed to via the contract. She began by checking that I had written the phrase ‘I am Mistress Kizumi’s pathetic sissy slut’ 500 times as I was contractually obliged to do. I showed her my work, and she was, understandably, not impressed. My handwriting was sloppy, the lines did not line up and there were corrections where I had made mistakes. She told me that I had passed the task, but that she was disappointed. It was a measure of the power that she already had over me that her disappointment echoed as disappointment in myself. I so wanted to please her, but had failed at the very first opportunity.

Along with a chastity device, butt plug, stocking and panties, I had been required to wear nipple clamps on arriving at the session. By this point they had been on for nearly an hour and the pain was becoming difficult to bear. I respectfully asked Mistress Kizumi if I could remove them. I was told I would only be able to do so once I had endured a punishment. I was therefore strapped to a whipping bench and given a number of hard strokes with a paddle each of which I was commanded to count and thank my Mistress for. The clamps were then removed by Mistress Kizumi sending waves of pain surging through my nipples. As every submissive knows, it is a truly wonderful feeling knowing your suffering is pleasing your Mistress. Mistress Kizumi clearly delighted in my suffering. I was on cloud nine, and the session was only just getting started!

The remaining proof of my contractual obligations to Mistress Kizumi was provided via a number of videos I had made in the week leading up to the session. To verify these videos Mistress Kizumi made herself comfortable on a chaise lounge. I was placed at her feet and my laptop was set up ready to view my work. We then spent a wonderful hour watching me carry out a variety of humiliating tasks. I will never forget the feeling of being made to watch myself eat my own cum whilst serving as a footstool for Mistress Kizumi. Or the laughter we shared watching me trying to perform a sexy dance whilst wearing stockings, panties and nipple clamps with the words ‘cum slut’ written on my body. Periodically Mistress Kizumi would walk behind me and tease my cock and balls with her boots. Underlying the whole experience was a tremendous sense of fun. At the same time as being humiliated, teased and dominated I was sharing in a sense of mutual hilarity at watching a grown man dressed in lingerie trying to dance like a sexy twenty something year old girl. Of course, the fact that that man was me made the whole thing even more exhilarating!

Once Mistress Kizumi had confirmed that I had satisfactorily carried out all my tasks, my legs and body were restrained to a cross adoring the wall of the dungeon. I was released from my chastity device and commanded to begin stroking my pathetic cock which became instantly hard. Mistress Kizumi collected any precum I produced with the cock shaped cage of my chastity device and fed it to me. I gladly sucked the cage clean, feeling myself slipping into subspace as I did so. She started stroking my balls telling me how much of a slut I was as she did so. As she moved closer to me her scent, a mixture of perfume and the leather of the bra she was wearing, began to fill my nostrils further adding to a building sense of submission and devotion. Opposite me was a mirror in which her perfect ass was reflected. She started whispering into my ear, but what she said I cannot recall as, by this point, I was completely lost in subspace. The combination of her scent, the sound of her voice and the sight of her beauty put me completely at her mercy. It’s moments like this that I live for as a submissive, and the skill, ease and grace with which Mistress Kizumi crafted the scene really was quite astonishing.

The session came to an end. I was not allowed to cum and locked back in my chastity cage. Mistress Kizumi was gracious enough to allow me a few minutes to chat after the session and I left her buzzing with a genuine sense of fulfilment and submission. We agreed that over the next few days she would give me a series of tasks the completion of which would culminate in my release from chastity. After two days of humiliating tasks (dancing in panties in a toilet cubicle of my workplace for example) I was allowed out of chastity. However, release came at a cost and I was required to send her video evidence of me eating all the cum I produced after my first orgasm. There’s no getting away from the fact that cum tastes bad, especially straight after an orgasm. However, I was able to tolerate the disgusting taste, lumpy texture and clinging consistency of my own semen because I knew that what I was doing was pleasing Mistress Kizumi.

As I write this my contractual obligations are still not complete. For the next nine weeks I must send Mistress Kizumi weekly videos of me attempting to wank myself to orgasm within a limited time, with failure to reach an orgasm in time resulting in me having to eat my cum. I’m also contractually obliged to suck cock for the first time. Mistress Kizumi has offered to guide me through this process. I know I can trust her completely to do this sensitively in a way that will make the experience fulfilling, intense and rewarding. I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to suck cock!

I hope the above has given you a flavour of what to expect if you choose to step into Mistress Kizumi’s world. The combination of beauty, skill, professionalism and passion she brings to her sessions is utterly intoxicating. I cannot recommend her highly enough!