I have just been to visit Mistress Kizumi and I have never before had such an amazing experience.

When I arrived at the address my heart was thumping with nervous anticipation as I rang the buzzer of the intercom.
When the door was opened by the unbelievably beautiful Mistress Kizumi I thought my heart would burst out of my chest! Dressed in a full length black leather coat with her long blonde hair and beautiful face and smile she led me down the stairs to the dungeon. I handed her the balance of my tribute and she instructed me to strip naked in the bathroom and then return to the dungeon.
When I returned Mistress had removed her coat and stood towering over me in a pair of thigh length black stiletto boots and black pvc bra and panties.
I was instructed to buckle up her boots then worship the entire length of each boot, suck and caress each of the heels and lick the soles which I did with all the enthusiasm I could in order to please my beautiful demanding Mistress. All the time this was going on she was taunting and humiliating me calling me a pathetic little slut and laughing at what she called my useless tiny cock.
I was then strapped to a whipping bench where Mistress proceeded to punish my arse by spanking me very hard with her bare hands, then the paddle and then using a flogger. To increase my humiliation Mistress made me count each stroke and recite “thank you Mistress” after each one.
What happened next was absolutely incredible and sent me into what I can only describe as sub-space.
I had explained to Mistress that a particular favourite of mine was nipple torture. I was strapped to the St. Andrew’s cross totally helpless, my cock and balls were tied up tight and with a small cock whip Mistress began punishing me and once again made  me count each stroke and thank my Mistress every time the whip struck my cock.
Now it was time for Mistress to go to work on my nipples! At first a pair of heavy pegs were attached and then Mistress got a vibrator and toyed with my nipples one at a time. Next came the piece de resistance. Mistress took a pin wheel in each hand and started to torture my nipples one at time at first and then both at the same time faster and faster all the time until the endorphin and adrenaline rush became so intense I thought I would pass out.
It just felt so amazing to suffer so much pain for my Mistress’s amusement and pleasure.
I was then unfastened from the cross and ordered to get on my hands and knees whereupon a collar and leash was attached to my neck and I was led to the bathroom and ordered to sit down in the shower. Mistress then stood over me pulling her black pvc panties to one side and proceeded to drench me and force me to drink her amazing golden champagne.
I was then ordered to take a shower after which I was to report back to My Mistress who kindly asked me if I had enjoyed my session and then dismissed me back into the real world.
It goes without saying that I cannot wait to see the beautiful amazing Mistress Kizumi again.

– Tony V.