I met Mistress Kizumi just a week ago, and while my memories of our time together and the feelings I experienced are impeccable, the void it created makes it feel like it’s been months. Let’s backtrack a little bit. I live in the US, but a brief 10-hour overnight layover in London during a quick Europe trip led me to research and find this gorgeous dominatrix. Like many, I was instantly captivated by her perfect round ass and her radiant blonde hair, and I reached out. Mistress Kizumi was very warm and approachable via email, and my anticipation of our session and addiction grew rapidly with every message, photo, and video exchanged. After two long weeks of patience (and abstinence), it was finally time. A short walk in an unfamiliar city at night, an accelerated heartbeat when approaching her address, and a few moments later, I was melting at her feet. Kissing and licking her boots was lovely, but once she instructed me to suck her heels, things accelerated. A plethora of fun activities followed. I loved how she balanced domination and sensuality, while also leaving opportunities for fun. She managed to check all the interests I had previously flagged to her, but also gently introduced me to new things to challenge me and make me a more well-rounded sub. She also challenged me through some interrogation and poses throughout the session. I caught myself a few times lost in the mirror, staring at her perfect round derrière, then looking back at her gorgeous face, realizing she had caught me. I was then feeling both ashamed for being a pig and so happy for having this opportunity. I also remember being bound on her table, while she sat on my face, leaving me with only the feelings of plushiness and her delightful fruity smell, all of that while milking my cock with the Venus machine. What a lovely memory of sensory overload, I was in the most beautiful paradise! I was then authorized to release and ate it all. Typically it’s not something I enjoy doing, but she asked so nicely I couldn’t resist… and I had been partying the night before and drank a few Rum Pineapple, so it was surprisingly tasty. Even the downtime aftermath was nice, with very tasteful music playing. Sadly, all great things come to an end, and the three hours flew by very quickly with more fun programming. I feel so fortunate to have served Mistress Kizumi and just wish to do it again already (and this time I will show-up well rested!). I’ve been lucky to have served a handful of the most gorgeous and experienced professional dommes over the last few years, but my time with Mistress Kizumi is one I cherish the most. I do really hope our paths cross again despite logistical challenges; life will be quite dull until then.